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Profile & History

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This bakery is established in 2000, it all starts when a housewife whose husband and children love eating snack. In order to fulfill her family needs, she decided to make the snacks herself so that she can satisfy her family’s taste.

The first product is pineapple cookies known as nastar in Indonesia. After that she made other cookies and one day the neighbor come and try it. So she decided to open the bakery shop and sold her own cookies named as Olino’s Bakery.

Introducing New Menu

More and more loves to Olino's cookies.

Sunflower Seed Cookies

Healthy & Tasty

Saltines / Sunflower seed cookies is a healthy cookie which is made without using egg, butter and sugar. It has savory and umami flavor with cracker like texture. There are sunflower seeds sprinkle on top of each slice which add unique flavor and texture for this cookie.

This product is perfectly suitable choice for you who afraid of high fat and sugar while eating snack.

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Waffle Chips

Feel every bites

Waffle chip is the newest product from Olino’s bakery. These cookies are Belgian waffles which are made into cookies/chips.

It has 5 flavors which are original,sesame, orange, chocolate and coffee. The unique beautiful box is especially made for this product. At the first glance, it just a normal box, but when you open it, you will get the clam box structure with shelves for individually flavor cookie inside the inner box.

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Box of cookies, Box of love.


Our brand new Category

Olino’s Bakery is now back with their own signature hampers! Open pre order for Christmas, Idul fitri, Chinese new year, engagement and first month baby hamper. We have from the simplest package (our standard box wrapped with wrapping paper with ornaments which will be chosen according to the occasion for example Christmas decoration wrapping paper) until shaped hampers (for example santa sleigh hampers for Christmas). Please contact us directly for more info.

Simple Package I

Simple Package II

Simple Package III

Shaped Hamper I

Shaped Hamper II

Shaped Hamper III

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You'll Love it. Various of Cookies.

Almond Cheese Chips

Nastar Cookies

Cranberry Delight

Chcolate Chip Series

Crunchy Cookies


Lidah Kucing

Sunflower Seed Cookies

Waffle Chips Cookies

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